13th Teacher Registration Exam Syllabus

NTRCA Circular 13th Teacher’s Registration Exam 2016. NTRCA 13th Teachers Registration process is completely online based. Non-Government Teachers’ Registration & Certification Authority (NTRCA) is inviting applications from candidates who are interested in participating in the 13th NTRCA teachers registration exam 2016. 13th Teacher Registration Exam Syllabus will be published in this month.

13th Teacher Registration Exam Syllabus

Pet registration check at a glance 13th teacher 2016:
The latter was to apply online 23/04/2016
End of submission of the application and the application 17/05/2016 latter was online
The deadline to submit the application fee is owned 20/05/2016
Application phih 350 / =
Payment methods via SMS application fee
First esaemaesah NTRCA <space> user ID & send to 16222.

Second esaemaesah NTRCA <space> Yes <space> PIN & send 16222.

SMS via user ID / serial / pin number to punaraddhara methods
The user ID thakaleh

NTRCA <space> HELP <space> USER <space> USER ID & send to 16222.

Pin number, thakaleh

NTRCA <space> HELP <space> PIN <space> PIN NO. & Send to 16222.

Preliminary Exam Schedule
School and School II

Later was 13/06/2016 (Friday) Time: 10 am – 11 pm


13/06/2016 latter was (Saturday) Time: 10am – 11am

Written Exam Schedule
School and School II

Later was 28082016 (Friday) Time: 09 am in the morning – noon to 1 pm


28/09/2016 latter was (Saturday) Time: 09 am in the morning – noon to 1 pm

School Level Syllabus

School Level-2 Syllabus

College Level Syllabus

Exam Fees: Tk.350

You have to make your picture as 300X300 PX and signature as 300X80 PX to submit in an Application form. Application completed the online  process eligible candidates name and ID will be informed by mobile SMS. 13th Teachers’ Registration Exam 2016 Preliminary Test Admit Card- ntrca.teletalk.com.bd. All updates will be sent to the given phone number by SMS. So candidates have kept the phone open all time.

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