21 February Language Day’s Wallpaper

21 February Language Day’s Wallpaper. February 21 is the day of the great language. On this day in 1952, while the realization of the right to speak in Bengali Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar had many lives. To commemorate their sacrifice is celebrated every year on February Bangla Language Martyrs’ Day. In 1999, members of the United Nations organization UNESCO declared International Mother Language Day has been celebrated in the world.

21 February Language Day

The language of the heart of man is brought up and developed, civilized today is so advanced today for the language of the people and create the creature. The language of the people to express thoughts and feelings, good and bad, which has the power to express the social and the anyayera it helpful. Mother, mother tongue, and relations with the umbilical cord abicchedyaeta abisbaraniya for Bangladesh to achieve one of the biggest achievement since independence through war balayaya. International Mother Language Day is not just for the country but for all people of all languages around the world gairabera, out of love and for the development of the language of the day to think. International Mother Language Day in Bangladesh is the proudest of anyway because of the grades and the martyrs of our people around the world now available.

21 February | International Mother Language Day | English & Bangla Song

21 February Language Day’s Wallpaper

Amar 21 se Language Day

1952 On 21 February, the University of the Arts Building in the historic amatalaya thousands of students came together there was tension between the excited youngsters. -This Would demand Bengal state was one of the strange restlessness. They stand up on that day, the Pakistani regime of oppression bibarudeddha hayachilena unstable. Section 144 of the day’s break bajradipta favor. After that, students are divided into groups took out a procession, police charged batons on them, the kadane shells fired, shot Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Shafiq, Jabbar further unnamed people. But he could not stop the brutal killing of the immeasurable joy of life. Anndolana spread throughout the city, throughout the country. Taraparadina remembers the first martyr of the ruling, which was made Shaheed Minar in Dhaka breaks.

There’s Nothing Better Than Humans

Equality Song gahi

There’s nothing better than a human, not some grand,

There is no country-vessel through the period, dharmajati identity,

All countries, Soul times, from a house, to house relatives of the man.

“Worshiper, open doors,

Thakur hunger during worship is the damraye door! ‘

Ardent devotee opened the chapel saw a dream

Indeed, the rebate will haye taja god-king!

Worn-out-of-thin body, thin voice starving

She called traveler, ‘Open the door, Dad, I have not eaten for seven days! ”

Suddenly the house is closed, go back bhukhari,

Whale night, his hunger Manik fire across the way!

Bhukhari phukari “says,

“The priests of the temple, Oh god, they’re not

Today, the joy of happiness

Today, the happiness lease

My face, my eyes and laughs and laughs and laughs killed my tag bag ye

The joy of happiness.

Today my life is closed palbale –

Ban called the wave of the door there was – broken mass.

The laughter, the cry

Was released, the stopping,

Booked today expressed happiness comes from my mouth sadly bitter.

The sorrow comes to empty the breast –

Today, the happy-joy!

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