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38th BCS Written Exam Book List Many times in the inbox, and the phone wanted to know what books to buy. Today I give a new 38th BCS Written Book List. This is very very important for BCS student. 38th BCS Preliminary Exam has been finished. 38th BCS Preliminary Exam Result will be published this month. 38th BCS Preliminary Exam Result will be published this site.

38th BCS Written Exam Syllabus

38th BCS Written Exam Book List. Since so much of a BCS Syllabus remember, ‘and all these things, some things, some things” were read. You find that you need to get out of some of the most important topics. There are some topics that come back again and again, and one of the subject matter is similar to other subjects. For example Bangladesh, some of the things have in common, and they have similarities with Bengali second paper wrote. So in this case, you will have to adjust. Be the first to sit down to begin reading the syllabus, read. The last question on the syllabus topics match and try to look good and create a section based on the suggestion.

38th BCS Written Exam Book List

Now, what books to read? Or what books to buy. I will say one word to answer or Oracle or any of assurance of the series will be purchasing two sets of books. And if you think they will tell ……
1. Bangla
Soumitra Shekhar asked and Darpan, Mahmud language and education (for grammar part), book criticism and mohasina najilara sikara
Praphesarasa Bengali / Bengali Oracle. >> Literature on these questions for the past

2. English
Good quality grammar that you know what’s good (for the Basic Rules), 1112srenira kamprihenasana English Books (Just for practice), praphesarasa English / English Self-Assessment.
Read English-language newspaper regularly, make some notes and writing free hand to emphasize.

Every day 3 hours  on a regular basis in English. Please note that the English and math ahead of you in line for the cadres of the two everyone to suffer and a press is too late. Subject to the rest of the day will be able to concentrate on reading.
3. Bangladesh and the International Topics
Professor Bangladesh and international affairs will get good and reliable information. 2015 Economic Survey of the original purchase price of the photocopy of the said .. Arif Khan> constitution. If you have money you can buy two international publications in Bangladesh and there is a lot of points given in the form. Moreover, some of the basic concepts for International Civics books for secondary and Abdul Hye international relations, organizations, and foreign policy is a good idea to book.

Cutting magazine, saying, a mapping is a regular practice.

Bangladesh and of course to keep the international map. There are some topics that can be maps, maps of how something can include the focus on crime.
This part is not to give too much time. Keep materials ready. The emphasis will be better at the end. And where better to keep eyes and ears open to what’s happening.
4. Science
910srenira General Science (Humanities At 6 chapter.) Some of the syllabus topics 912srenira for Physics, Chemistry and Biology will read from the book, so it’s a good idea. Buy a good guide at Oracle science.
Computer, information technology, and information technology 1112srenira get some from the book. Computer and Information Sciences Assurance Guide and the rest is just part of the photocopying technology.
5. Math
That would come at 3 pm on the last set of arithmetic good will.
Takes a 910sreni for algebra book over to read it. Moreover, if the amount is less than in the past can not be memorized by the geometry.
Format assembly> Algebra and Trigonometry 11-12 class to practice from books.
>> Kartesiya geometry class 11-12 linear geometry of the two chapters of the book and will have to coordinate. 1112srenira less time to understand the math, they can guide and a photocopy of these two chapters can help younger brothers and sisters. Learn math, do not hesitate to anybody
>> Praphesarasa be reckoned with.
However, you can still regularly practice two hours of mathematics there is no alternative.
6. Mental Skills
Oracle mental skills. Evening MBA Exchange Guide to the university part of mental skills.
Before any test is better than two in the series digest. Buy the book is never undercharged.

Which Books You Read for BCS Written Exam, Get Answered

The first is the most efficient of his suggestion because Only the Wearer knows where the Shoes pinches. When you start studying and data collection based on the suggestion ‘section begins. Please note that without proper planning can not be the syllabus. In essence Well plan, Half was done. Again, good planning and strategy in order to better record than the BCS focus.

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