Android Phone Droid Tracker

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Today I take a new post. This post name is Android Phone Droid Tracker. Android Phone Droid Tracker use if our favourite Android phone is ever lost or stolen, then everything is dark. So today I’ll give the apps this name is Android Phone Droid Tracker. The apps work excellent.

Let’s See How the Android Phone Droid Tracker Works

The Android Phone Droid Tracker remembers your geofence area. Geofence your phone number in your target area that goes beyond the phone via SMS to any area that you will know. Example: I Farmgate, Dhaka. Now, I’ll just open this app and select Farmgate area geofence area. As a number of my friends will be the number of the target. SMS frequency of 3 minutes and gave an SMS. Then I saved up the phone. The app will continue in the background. After a while, there was something I could not find my phone. The phone was stolen. Thieves took away my phone at the selected geofence area that he came out from Farmgate area. Thieves go out on my friend just came an SMS. There is no area of my Android SM and Google Maps link with the original remain immune. I started chasing a thief in diameter. 3 minutes after the SMS was coming, and I’m sure the thief is going you know.

How are the Android Phone Droid Tracker Setting

Open Android Phone Droid Tracker you select geofence area. The number on the left side of the slider will target. The international number format that will take the number before adding: +88. Would you like to Frequency the time? If you have any reason to go out of your selected SMS to stop the unexpected can enable geofence. Anaistala of trucking it to the Android Phone Droid Tracker.

Use of the app
1. Android made trucks
2. Cars to trucks
3. Where are your children going to the truck?
4. In addition to different types of truck, bodies important use this Android Phone Droid Tracker

The app is really very effective

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