Auto Like Your Facebook Photo and Status

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Today I give a new post. This name is Auto Like Your Facebook Photo and Status. But today I am going to share with you the tricks that you can get very easily like thousands.

Auto Like Your Facebook Photo and Status Process

1.) If you take the first Auto-like status to the public.

2.) Go to the link below and as you can see below

3.) Pc users CLICK HERE click on the button in

Step 1: and the App to Allow Permission to survive. CLICK HERE

Step 2: Collect and Access Token. CLICK HERE to Mobile Users

Step 3: Click and Collect Access Token App here and Allow Permission to survive.

4.) The Access Token box on the home page and paste ‘Submit Your Access Token’ button. I can see the bottom.

5.) Your Status / Pic / Video Post ID box, you can see the code of Facebook’s latest tune. You can see the top of Facebook’s latest tune. Like if you want to tune into the latest in the ‘LIKE MY THIS ID STATUS’ button. Processing pages is the 1-minute wait.

6.) 1 minute after the end of the Processing Success page you can see the bottom.

7.) look like the Facebook post, and you have increased.

Auto Like Your Facebook Photo

Auto Like Your Facebook Photo and Status. You Will be famous in facebook. You will be proud in facebook id. Do not forget to share with your friends post. Auto Like Your Facebook id very much

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