C Programming Basic Tutorial (Period-02)

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Computer engineering student as well as the need to know C. Working hard to be a good programmer does not have to practice more and more can be experienced in programming. A programmer needs the most attention and patience.

C Programming Basic Tutorial (Period-02)

What is programming

The program is designed to make programming or software or computer (or big!) Tool with which you can do many things to make. This is a definition of basic programming. Programming language is the language with which to make your program, you will make your desired program. Computer solve any problems through the combination of the program is needed.

Why is Programming Meaning  “C.”

The C programming language, the other basic. Since the C language has its origin in many respects programs. Example C ++, Java, C #, PHP, etc. Base includes all the features of programming the C. See the picture at the bottom of the popularity of the C Programming.

 Windows, Unix or Linux’s kernel code has been written mostly in C. If you would like one C, one could easily see the dream create an operating system.  New devices take for the driver. The driver software is almost always written in C Programming. Because the hardware and pointers in C can be contacted. C is the middle-level language. There are three types of programming languages. High Level, Middle Level & Low Level. High-Level Language used by the user that the program is made. Low-Level Programming and hardware of the communication is done through the software.And the High-Level and Low-Level C to create the combination. With which the two can do.