EIIN Number & Password of All Colleges Bangladesh

College Code & EIIN Number of All Colleges Bangladesh. Download EIIN Number & Password of All Colleges Bangladesh. Best Colleges EIIN Number of Educational Board. EIIN number means Educational Institute Identification Number. It is a unique number which has been given by Ministry of Education. When HSC admission starts, all student search for the colleges EIIN Number. EIIN Number Dhaka Board All College 2017 has been found my website. Dhaka Board has been published all college EIIN Number. The EIIN Number is an essential of college admission purpose.

EIIN Number & Password of All Colleges Bangladesh

When HSC admission starts, all student search for the colleges EIIN Number. College EIIN Number of Dhaka and All college EIIN code Bangladesh. SSC Result 2017 has been published. HSC Admission will be started within the short time. You need College EIIN Number when you apply for the HSC admission 2017. Every college has a unique EIIN Number and this “EIIN” full meaning Educational Institute Identification Number.

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SSC result 2017 was published 31 May 2017. This year Dhaka’s Rajuk Uttara Model College has topped in Bangladesh. Ideal School and College is now in the 2nd position at the present year. Dhaka’s Milestone College has 4th position this year in this present. Online HSC Admission process will be started from 6  June, 2017 it will continue up to 18 June 2017.

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EIIN Number and Password of All Colleges Under Dhaka Board

Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka Cantonment EIIN No: 107855

BAF Shaheen College, Tejgaon EIIN No: 107858

BAF Shaheen College, Kermit la EIIN No: 107859

Begum Badrunnessa Govt. Girls’ College EIIN No: 108155

Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College EIIN No: 108161

B C I C College EIIN No: 10822

B.N. College, Dhaka Cantt. EIIN No: 107854

Birsreshtha Munshi Abdulr Rouf Rifles College EIIN No: 108162

Bir Srestha Abdur Rauf College, Kamarkhali EIIN No: 108854

Combiran College EIIN NO: 132140

Cantonment Public School And College, Momenshahi EIIN No: 111925

Dhaka College EIIN No: 107977

Dhaka City College EIIN No: 107975

Dhaka Imperial College EIIN No: 107974

Dhaka State College EIIN No: 107981

Daffodil International College EIIN No: 134564

Dhaka Commerce College EIIN NO: 108207

Faridpur Mohabidyalay EIIN No: 108796

Fulpur Mohila College EIIN No: 112184

Govt. Muminunessa Mohila College EIIN No: 111915

Govt. Ananda Mohon College EIIN No: 111911

Govt. Kabi Nazrul College EIIN No: 108507

Govt. Bangla College EIIN No: 108210

Gazipur Govt. Mohila College EIIN No: 109030

Gazipur Cantonment College EIIN No: 109033

Holy Cross College EIIN No: 131962

Ideal College EIIN No: 107971

Ideal School And College, Motijheel EIIN No: 108277

Mirpur College EIIN NO: 108206

Motijheel Model School And College EIIN No: 130865

Milestone College EIIN No: 108572

Narsingdi Govt. College EIIN No: 112719

Narayanganj College EIIN No: 112480

Narayanganj Govt. Mohila College EIIN No: 112479

Narsingdi Govt.Mohila College EIIN No: 112718

National Ideal College EIIN No: 132078

Nurul Amin College, Shibchar EIIN No: 110882

Notre Dame College EIIN No: 108274

National College EIIN NO: 131945

Rajuk Uttara Model College EIIN NO: 108573

Razabari College EIIN NO: 114528

Residential Laboratory College EIIN NO: 133736

Residential Model College EIIN No: 108258Savar College EIIN No: 108453

Savar College EIIN No: 108453

Shaheed Bir uttam LT Anwara Girls College EIIN NO: 132143

Sreebardi Govt. College EIIN NO: 113973

SOS Hermann Gmeiner College EIIN NO: 108215

Saint Joseph Uccha Madhyamik Biddyalaya EIIN NO: 108259

Savar Contonment Public School & College EIIN No: 108459

Savar Laboratory College EIIN No: 131845

Shafiuddin Sarkar Academy And College EIIN No: 109063

Sherpur Govt. College EIIN No: 113915

Shariatpur Govt. College EIIN No: 113647

Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam College EIIN No: 111910

Savar Model College EIIN NO: 108451

Siddheswari Girls’ College EIIN NO: 108352

Tejgaon College EIIN NO: 108533

Valuka College EIIN NO: 111354

Viquarunnasa Noon College EIIN NO: 108538

Wali Newaz Khan College EIIN NO: 110495

Zillur Rahman Mohila College EIIN NO: 110289


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