Facebook Photo Verification Solutions

Welcome the members of the Tech Club BD. Today I come the problem of Facebook. This problem is “photo verification”. This is a very problem for the facebook new public. 20% of people with this problem is suffering from the photo verification.

Facebook Photo Verification Solutions

As the lock is open required example

1. A white book

2.A pen

Facebook Photo Verification Open the lock Expose Simple Method

At first Facebook photo verification solutions you login ID and then click Continue Captcha entry, click the Start. Some of the names to see photo. As the photo come you write this name. Example a picture of a dove, as the roof of the pigeons. You write the book “roof pigeons”. The names of people who have next to their names in the Facebook picture clear writing. Thus, the name of each photo on Facebook of a book and write down the names of the put. At least ten minutes later verification photos and do not try to write down all the words of the above-mentioned rules. If you try it you will see that Facebook is again the previous images. Overall view of the image. For the first time, “the roof of a dove down the names corresponds with the name of the next bar.  You will have to match the names and pictures of him. Thus, once all of the photos you put in common. (If necessary, write down for the third time) ID: Open the two Rakat Nafol prayers to Allah please do not forget to express. Photos verification solution is the success in life.

Facebook Photo Verification Open the lock Expose simple Method II

Facebook Photo Verification Solutions:

Photo verification the opening of the latest methods ===>

1.Go to Google (another mobile or PC)

2.So fun photos of your friend’s name verification will be 6 with a photo.3.Enter the name of your friend

3.Enter the name of your friend Facebook + Google image search. For example, if you enter your friend’s name sumon bappy facebook + sumon bappy

4.The Google search, you will see the many pictures. Verify that you have a picture of the image that matches the picture of what it means to do so. If it does not match the rest of the 5 people with the same name the Try to stay.

5.The each photo one by one until the bottom is the names

6.If you cannot locate the still images you can skip the question. Also, even if the answer is wrong to 1 on all sides will be reminded. Questions after giving the right answer to reset your password will be asked and with the new password you can easily get back to your accountThe post is very much like the opportunity to give to others and to share the link on Facebook

The post is very much like the opportunity to give to others and to share the link on Facebook