Fix Facebook Photo Verification Without Photos

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Today I take a new information. The troubles name of one of the photos on Facebook Verification.

Fix Facebook Photo Verification Without Photos

Now I do the photos of yourself or your friends Facebook account verification.  First you have to download the software Tunnel Bear. This is a proxy software. Download

Download the link

Launch installed software. Would like to log in, open an account with the user ID of the software log in. Select from the proxy countries. Soon, your IP address will be associated with an IPO in Japan.

Sign on how the mobile version of Facebook. Photo ID verification problematic Day

Fill the Captcha

Usually after the photo verification area began irritation, but now used mobile number will grow with your Facebook ID. Now I’m in Japan’s mobile phone number you enter the dialing code +81. Given the number of such cases, if your Facebook ID – 0170000000 +81017000000 if you write

The Tunnel Bear Android or iOS epapa your Android or iPhone to download and install. Locations in the same manner with the Japanese and the tunnels of beer on your mobile net.

Then a code directly to your phone and allows you to direct the browser to be able to solve the problem of verification by entering your ID photos.

Remember, before you write the mobile number with your mobile tunnels Bear Locations in Japan will take. If it will not work.

Try-view, if the problem was me.

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Fix Facebook Photo Verification Without Photos” and get future update