Gp give 1 mbps speed Night Unlimited 57 taka for month

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Today I takes  GP user will now cost only 57 taka 1mbps speed of night Time Unlimited Internet for 1 month.

Gp give 1 Mbps speed Night Unlimited  57 taka for month

This will get the offer:

Customers can avail this offer GP friend. Follow the instructions your SIM migrates the Bondhu packages to dial 4444 numbers.

1 month 2 weeks ago … GP Unlimited Night package in order to use GB 24 hours after using this package 1MBPS speed and great tips

2GB will not be used when the speed of the Internet by dialing * 111 * 6 * 6 # to take the package do the deactivate.

Anyway, now I’ll have great tips

Unlimited package at 11 at night, we will now go through the bamboo

Many think it is an offer. But it does not offer any of the GP Saving a package it!

The pitcher is worth 50 rupees. Your friend in the package is actually worth about 11 rupees.

If they do not fix this error, and we can thus win out of bamboo.

GB, but when I use bamboo when KB to 1 MB P S P S can not be found, let alone 10.

Today I’ll handle this,

GB will not be used when the speed of the Internet by dialing * 111 * 6 * 6 # deactivate took the package!

At 15 minutes, then turn off the SIM, the SIM is open at first, please dial * 5000 * 1 #.

Then again at 11, by dialing * 500 * 3 # to activate the package was unlimited night.

The win sees now getting 1 Mbps speed!

After this, a procedure will 1am. And going through the tips

This package is just 1 hour from 10am till midnight!

4 hours but we will not use it because we were English !!

9am for 55 minutes to download a big file. To be free from 10 am to 4 hours 5 to be able to use the sound of this package