Grameen Phone Free Internet Tips

Grameen Phone Free Internet

At present Bangladesh net price, common people buy out of bounds. As a result, many people are isolated from the knowledge of a huge state of the internet. Talented Internet users do not have a lot of progress. If you are a lazy, you can not prosper in life. But using a small tricks to solve the problem easily.

Which of Take 

1. 1ti Modem

2. 1ti GP SIM

3. 1ti Computer

Grameen Phone Free Internet Tips

1. First Go to Here, And Download the zip file.

2. Then go the Here was an account

3. Then your GPmodem Connect the computer

4. Any of your simcards pakage (eg P1 send 5000) was introduced. Sometimes you do not have any money

5. See the folder you unzipped the download of a file called PD-launcher. PD-launcher click

6. If yes was yes

7. There you had the account, was connected with his ujaranema and password

8. If you wish, you can connect to the Internet

More Information

Apn= gpwap
Port= 8080
Download the opera

Download System: 
Android Opera unlock code:
 Android Phone Opera Handler Setting Font Quary: @
Proxy type: Real host
proxy server: Blanck