HSC English 2nd Paper Solution for Dhaka Board-2015

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Today starting to become the HSC English 2nd paper exam. So I take the English 2nd solution. So Follow this Solution below

HSC English 2nd Paper Solution for Dhaka Board-2015

Solution of English 2nd Paper, Dhaka Board-2015

1. (a) was; (b) lived; (c) swelled; (d) could; (e) have.

2. (a) to; (b) at; (c) from; (d) at; (e) throughout.

3. (a) the; (b) The; (c) A; (d) ×; (e) a; (f) the; (g) a; (h) the; (i) ×; (j) the.

4. (a) but; (b) as; (c) when; (d) though; (e) as soon as.

Rainy day : We should save something for a rainy day.
In a fix: He was in a fix and could not think anything clearly.
Make up one’s mind : I have made up my mind to help him.
Call a spade a spade: I like him, because he’s funny and he’s straightforward and he calls a spade a spade.
Put up with We cannot put up with your behaviour.
See off : They came to the station to see him off.
In the long run : The sinners suffer in the long run.

6 The Mayor asked the Piper if he (P) had killed the mice. Replying positively the piper said that he had (killed the mice). He told the Mayor to give him (P) the money he (M) had promised. The Mayor exclaimed with wonder that he (P) was very funny. He told him (P) to take only fifty.

7. (a) Very few saints of Islam were so/as great as Bayazid Bostami.
(b) One night, while reading, he was asked for a glass of water by his mother. /
One night, while reading, a glass of water was asked to him by his mother
(c) Since/As there was no water in the house, he went out to fetch it.
(d) He came back and found his mother sleeping.
(e) Thus he showed a great love and respect to his mother.

8. (a) have you?
(b) can’t they?
(c) are they?
(d) won’t they?
(e) doesn’t it?

9. (a) United we stand, divided we fall.
(b) Who doesn’t know this saying/ it.
(c) Unless you are united you will fall.
(d) The story of the old man and his four sons teaches us
this lesson.
(e) It is high time we united/ we became united.

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