JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2016

JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2016. Dear Students, you are JSC exam has very closed. So you give a shortcut suggestion for the JSC exam. If  you read the English complete suggestion you do not think. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2016 100% Common Sure. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2016 start 1/11/2015. JSC exam closes 18/11/2015. The jsc exam is very important for the life. At first, JSC exam started  2010.

JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2016

JSC   English   2nd   paper   Question 2016                      Set: A

Grammar                                                                                       Marks: 50

1. Fill in the gaps of the following text with

Appropriate  articles. Put a cross (x) for zero  article: 0.5×6=3

“The universe is a very (a) __ vast thing. But primitive people had (b) — very narrow idea about (c) — size and nature of universe. They thought that (d) — earth was flat and stationary. They believed that the earth was at (e) — centre of the universe while the sun, the moon and (f) — planets moved round the earth”.

2. Fill in the blanks of the following text with prepositions given in the box below: 0.5×6=3

To of from in by up out on”Honesty is a great virtue and the result (a) — honesty is beyond description. It results (b) —

peace. On the other hand, misery results (c) — vice. An honest man is true (d) — his word. He never deviates (e) — the path of honesty. We can have successful life (f) — being honest”.

3. Make four sentences from the substitution table: 1×4=4

“a) Astudent b) Almost all of us c) Ambition d) One’s ambition cherish having may means be materialized and sometimes hindered a particular ambition needs to study hard a particular ambition in life desire to achieve something”.

4.Change the following passage into indirect speech: 1×4=4

” ‘I came to Dhaka this morning. I sent you a telegram before starting from home,’ he said. ‘Did you receive it in time?’ he asked. ‘No,’ I replied”.

5. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets: 1×5= 5

“(a) Computer is the most wonderful inventionof modern science (Comparative). (b) It can store a very great number of information

(Exclamatory). (c) It renders a great service to mankind (Interrogative). (d) Now-a-days computer is being used in almost every sphere of life by the people (Active). (e) It has not only blessings but also some dark sides (Affirmative)”.

6.Rewrite the following passage using capitalization and punctuation: 3

“you look a little bit like my mother he said but you were only four jerry when you came here do you remember her face all those years my mother lives in manville.”

7. Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text: 0.5×8=4

The most significance event for Bangladesh in the last century has been its birth as an (b) dependent nation. Prior to that, it experienced (c) Britain colonial rule until 1947, followed by an oppressive (d) exist as East Pakistan from 1947 to 1971. Poverty has been an ever- present apparition there. As a result, nearly seventy percent of the population suffers from various degrees of (e) nutrition. On the other hand, turbulent politics and (f)stability, and the rise of (g) terror and crime are(h) adverse aff ecting society”.

8. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form: 0.5×8=4

“sacrifice follow provide can know feel have work Love for one’s country (a) __ as patriotism. Every man (b) __ great love for his country. Many of our freedom fighters (c) __ their lives in 1971 for the sake of our country. At present there are some people who (d) __ relentlessly for the welfare of the country because they love our country. We should (e) __ their footprints. A prosperous, well governed and welfare state (f) __ her people with all the amenities. People living in the country (g) __ enjoy social, political and state rights and privileges. So, they (h) __ the true and real love for the country”.

Section B: Composition; Marks: 20

9. Suppose you are Tasnim/ Taslima, a student of class eight of

Jessore Cantonment Public School, Jessore. Now, write an application to your headmaster for setting up a computer club. 8  

10. Write a composition on the following topic in 250 words. 12 

Science in Everyday Life