Lost Certificate Get-Process

Welcome to all members of Tech Club BD. Today I read a post. This name is Lost Certificate Get-Process. First, you need to specify the application to meet the test (not high school) and what’s lost is due to the application. Lost Certificate Get-Process very harmful.

Lost Certificate Application Process

(1) GD (general diary or GD) is. The duty officer at the police station closest to explaining why your certificate is lost, you want to have a GD. Some of the questions to which he will need for the GD. GD: Before you go to the information that you have to remember the certificate (or the letter and the registration card) will take the beautiful way down. If required, the information can be given.

(2) a copy of the GD, you will be given all the details of the numbers of GD. Save copies of it at least 5-6. And they will need. Please contact the office of the magazine. The most common country of your local newspaper or a magazine. However, in the conventional approach newspaper. Losing notice will be published in the newspapers, talk to the person in charge of the magazine.

The topic will be advertised in the magazine must be specified

  1. GD Numbers
  2. Name of the test certificate
  3. Boards
  4. Next year
  5. His name
  6. How to lose your certificate

In addition, any necessary information, it remains the duty officer will ask you a newspaper. So do not be worried about it.

Lost Certificate Get-Process

(3) Copies of the GD and choose to cut down on the newspaper. Education is the only contact center gave her news collection. Fill out the application accurately collect from them. Lost Certificate Get-Process you will be successfully in life

(4) All documents of a branch of the Sonali Bank, before moving to the demand draft. All of the documents, such as copies of the GD, magazine ads, cutting, application and deposit receipt to the secretary of the board all combine to write the letter. Lost Certificate Get-Process Application timely.

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