PSC English Suggestion 2015

PSC Exam 2015 will begin on 22 November 2015 and continued up to 30 November 2015. The duration of the examination is 2.30 hours-minutes from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. Formerly PSC exam was held for 2 hours. Rearrange is a very heard thing for the Psc student.

Get “PSC English Suggestion 2015”

English is a very heard subject for PSC student.  So I give some English suggestion for PSC student. PSC English suggestion 2015.





Time- 2 hours 30 minutes                                                                                                                 Full Marks – 100

[N.B- Figures in the might side indicate full marks of the questions.]

  1. Write the correct answer in answer script: 1×40 = 40
  2. Which of the following causes to melt iceri of the polar region and of the peak of the mountains?
  3. Sunlight                   b. Global warming                  c. Moonlight                                d. All the above
  4. What does the green plants release during by process of photosynthesis?
  5. Carbon di-oxide b. Carbon monoxide c. Oxygen                            d. Nirtrogen
  6. Which is a living component of the environment?
  7. Hills b. Grasshopper   c. Soil        d. Air
  8. Which is the correct food chain?
  9. Grass ® insects ®frog b. Insects ® Grass ®frog c. Frog ® insects ® Grass   d. Insects ® Grass ®frog
  10. Which one of the following causes air pollution?
  11. Use of pesticide b. Buing bricks in the brick fields
  12. The obstacle of rainwater d. Use of chemical fertiliser

Which one is a water-boy disease?

  1. Tuberculosis b. Box c. Typhoid             d. Sty
  2. Which one of the following air and water pollution?
  3. Polythene b. Sudden peak       c. Unplanned                                     d Industry
  4. Smoke from brickfields
  5. In which state does water remain on high mountain peaks?
  6. Water b. Water vapour      c. Dew       d. Ice
  7. Which of the following is not the infectious disease?
  8. Typhoid b.Dysentery
  9. Arsenicosis d. Scabies
  10. Which is correct water cycle?
  11. Water® cloud® water vapour® rain b. Rain® water vapour® cloud® water
  12. Water® water vapour® cloud® rain d. Ice® water® cloud® water vapour
  13. Which is a poisonous gas?
  14. Oxygen b. Carbon dioxide  c. Nitrogen                          d. Carbon monoxide
  15. Which does one add the pungent test to cold drink?
  16. Carbon-di-oxide  b. Nitrogen                  c. Oxygen                         d. None of the above
  17. Which gas is used to preserve fish, meat, fruits etc?
  18. Oxygen           b. Hydrogen                   c. Carbon-di-oxide                            d. Nitrogen
  19. Which is the air-bone disease?
  20. Lung cancer b. Marshes c. Diarrhoea                  d. Stomachand skin
  21. Which is the correct answer?
  22. Light is transmitted by the process of convection.
  23. Light is transmitted by the process of conduction.
  24. Light is transmitted by the process of radiation.
  25. We get heat from sun by the process of conduction.
  26. What is called the energy created in the sun?
  27. Atom weapon b. Nuclear weapon            c. Electric weapon                       d. Light weapon
  28. What is coal and diamond made of?
  29. Arsenic b. Gold     c. Carbon          d. Silver
  30. What is called the process of transmission of heat through a liquid?
  31. Radiation b. Convection c. Conduction                                  d. Energy
  32. The use of artificial colour and chemical in food can cause-
  33. Dental problem b. Kids getting fat
  34. Liver and kidney became dysfunctional d. Kids lose weight
  35. Besides age, height and weight what else we need to get energy by food?
  36. Studying b. Sleeping                  c. Physical labour                             d. Work at office
  37. How many kinds of main elements of food?
  38. 2 b.3   c. 4                      d. 6
  39. Which is the carrier of Dengue fever?
  40. Streptococcus b. Culex mosquito          c. Water                              d. Aedes mosquito
  41. BCG vaccine is given for preventing-
  42. Swine Flub. Diarrhorea c. Dysentery                                    d. TB
  43. How many ages of Boyhood ranges ?
  44. 5-10 years b. 6-10 years c. 6-12 years                                    d. 7-13 years
  45. Which mosquito is spread elephantiasis?
  46. Aedes mosquito b. Culex                        c.Anopheles                                 d. All of these above
  47. What are the main objectives of studying science?
  48. Search and Invention b. The Universe and Invention
  49. Experiment d. Different objects and events of nature
  50. What are the main steps of study in science?
  51. Observation and experimentation b. Invention and Observation
  52. Experiment and Study d. Search and Study
  53. Which one is not influenced by technology?
  54. Education b. Communication              c. Agruculture                 d. Lengths of day and night
  55. Which is related to Biotechnology?
  56. Computer engineering b. Civil engineering
  57. Arotic engineering d.  Genetic engineering
  58. The most mode technology is —.
  59. Agricultural Technology b. Communication Technology
  60. Information Technology d. Construction Technology
  61. What is the raw material of information technology?
  62. Information   b. Communication              c. Construction                                 d. Agricultural
  63. Which has brought out a revolution in the field of information technology?
  64. Telephone     b. Electronic computer                         c. Internet                                       d. Mobile
  65. What changes within a small period of time?
  66. Weather              b. Climate                                  c. Heat                                             d. Temperature
  67. What is the main difference between weather and climate?
  68. Days                  b. Time                               c. Nights                               d. Temperature
  69. Which of the following is Green House Gas?
  70. Methane     (b) Oxygen                                (c) Carbon                                       (d) Sulphur
  71. What is global warming?
  72. The gradual increase of the average temperature of the earth

(b) The gradual decrease of the average temperature of the earth

(c) the stable state of temperature of the earth

(d) None of the above

  1. Which one of the following is green energy?

(a) Natural gas                                 b. Wind

(c) Petroleum                                  (d) Coal

  1. Which is renewable energy?
  2. air, water (b) pit coal, minerals

(c) gas, petroleum                                                            (d) natural gas, water

  1. What is self-employment?
  2. Govement job b. Generating income by own self
  3. Working in the industries d. Private job
  4. Which is the highly populated country of the world?
  5. China b. India                         c. Indonesia                                     d. Bangladesh
  6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word or words and write it in your answer sheet: 1´10 = 10
  7. 3. Several —are connected to create food web.
  8. Mass public— should be created to conserve the environment.
  9. Small particles of — at a place to form clouds.
  10. We are surrounded by —.
  11. Heat changes —of matter.
  12. — is preserved in chilled ice for exporting to foreign countries.
  13. BCG vaccine is given to the kids for the protection from —.
  14. — reduces man’s physical labour.
  15. What are the factors of changes in weather?
  16. Vegetables grown in the cold countries in a glass house is known as Green House.
  17. Write down the answer of the following question in short in your answer sheet: 1´10 = 10
  18. How do plants produce their food?
  19. What is the cause of Arsenic pollution?
  20. What is acid rain?
  21. Write the names of five kinds of energy.
  22. What artificial colours are used in foods?
  23. What is the reason for day and night?
  24. Why does technology develop?
  25. What is the most mode technology?
  26. What is the solar panel?
  27. What are the reasons of building the green house in countries?
  28. Write answer any 8 question including a, b & c: 5´8 = 40
  29. What are the causes of Rheumatic fever? Write Symptoms and Curative measures?
  30. Write the Symptoms and treatment for Dengue fever?
  31. Give the reasons for the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide of the earth.
  32. What are the impacts of water pollution on the environment?
  33. Explain how the elements of air help us to live?
  34. What are the processes of transmission of heat?
  35. What is optimal food? Discuss the importance of taking optimal food.
  36. What is an infectious disease? Discuss how infectious diseases can be prevented.
  37. Why do seasons change?
  38. What measures can be taken to convert the population to human resources?

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