Some Technological Takes on E-Commerce Trends in Bangladesh

Internet and Mobile Penetration in Bangladesh

According to the report on E-commerce trends published by Kaymu,the average internet penetration rate in Bangladesh is 25%. With the rapid proliferation and evolution of technology,people are increasingly replying on the use of smartphones and mobile devices to browse the internet to carry out research regarding various categories of products and their features and specs. People also make use of a number of internet browsers to access the web.The report suggests that 71% of the web traffic is generated by desktops and laptop computers with 26% and 3% created by mobile phones and tablets respectively.

This is also in line with one of the findings of the report which posits that the greatest number of online users lie in the 25-34 years age group as they are generally more tech-savvy than people in other age groups and are avid technology users.

With the sweeping onslaught of various mobile devices housed by a diversity of brands, Kaymu’s research reveals that Apple’s iPhone tops the list with the greatest number of users.


Smartphones- The Way Forward?

A few key findings of Kaymu research report are that the use of wide screen mobile phones denotes mobile traffic that actually translates into real-time purchases. It is important to re-target specific consumer groups to buy certain types of products rather than having generic marketing campaigns across all user groups,regardless of their demographics and psychographics etc. Also, e-mail marketing on widescreen smartphones is one of the newest marketing tools, and newsletters with the intent to achieve maximum awareness and capture user interest, also go hand-in-hand. In addition, the development of user-friendly and compatible mobile apps by E-commerce businesses have stirred the growth of E-commerce to reach unimaginable heights and eventually, leave no stone unturned in the quest to achieve the biggest share of retail sales.

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