Upcoming Huawei P9 is The Flagship Killer | Available & Price in Bangladesh

P9 – Let’s See what Huawei has to offer NEXT!

P9 – Price Range and Specifications to be Endeared

After the warm reception of Huawei P8, the company is now preparing to launch its successor, Huawei P9. The phone is expected to be of high quality and affordable for mid-range users, just like its predecessor.

Huawei P series Multiplicity

Huawei smartphones have completely revolutionized our society. The series come under the name, Huawei Ascend, which includes beautifully designed phones. Each smartphone has unique style and features which has had ground-breaking excitement among the customers.

Online shopping of enchanting Huawei phones collection is no more a headache now. Most of the online platforms are responsible enough to propose the convenient services like free shipping, safe delivery and durability of products. Kaymu is the name that fits itself pretty well in the catalog of these online marketplaces. Huawei P8 is P9 predecessor which is available online for purchase , which is the recent series till date, examine the official website of this platform.

Current updates and photos reveal that P9 will be available in four colours and is expected to be a great success among the customers due to its sleek design. Let’s find out more about this phone below.

Huawei P9 price and release date

Huawei P9 release date is not confirmed yet but since P8 was launched around April in 2015, Huawei P9 is likely to be released at the same time this year. The phone is much anticipated and will be a good competition for major smartphone brands. The availability of this phone, with exclusive customer service and proposal of attractive and feasible prices will be available after its unveiling in the online market you can pay a visit to Kaymu.Com.BD to place your order.

Before its launch, there are various rumors about Huawei p9 price in Bangladesh, but it will probably have prices similar to that of P8 when it was introduced. This smartphone with its advanced features and relatively low prices will be a cutting edge for its competitors.

Huawei P9 Specs

There are various reasons for buying this smartphone but the most important is that reviews about Huawei P9 Specs are simply amazing.

Because of the Kirin 950 processor installed in the phone, it shall be one of the fastest Android smartphones, much more powerful than Samsung’s Exynos 7420. The phone shall have a full HD display; a feature which has previously been ignored. With a 5.2” touchscreen display and 4GB of storage capacity, and 1080p resolution, this smartphone will definitely not be a disappointment.

P9 specs along with their advanced features are likely to create a formidable entry for the phone in the market. Since the phone will have a powerful chip installed in it, you should not expect its speed to be less than DDR4 speeds.

The phones runs on Android 6.0 with Hisilicon 950 octa core processor to provide a synchronized configuration to App Store. There is an 8.0MP front camera and a 16.0MP back camera along with sensors and laser autofocus function, which will enhance the image quality and improve the selfies.

Since Huawei P8 review + specifications were very impressive, it is believed that P9 shall also have a positive response from the global consumers.


Huawei P9 design

The design is quite similar to P8 however, there are a few differences. The round edges are heavier in width than P8 and is rumored to have a physical home button. Therefore it shall be the first in the P series to feature a fingerprint scanner. The phone is sleek and has a polished look.

Conclusion: Huawei P9 in Bangladesh shall be available online at Kaymu, as soon as it is launched. Huawei phone price in Bangladesh varies according to the model, though they are available at affordable prices at Kaymu. The overall view of the phone seems good, so let’s hope it comes out better than expected.